What Do Lawn Care Companies Spray on Grass to Kill Weeds?

You may be curious about what steps they take and, in particular, precisely what is being sprayed on your lawn. The truth is that turf specialists use many different types of chemicals to keep the grass healthy and looking its best. Understanding their purpose and how they work can give you the confidence to decide which services suit your lawn.

Lawn care companies work diligently to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. An essential aspect of this is spraying various products on the grass to promote growth, prevent and treat diseases, and manage pests. This article discusses the most common substances lawn care companies use on grass and the reasons behind their application.

What Do Lawn Care Companies Spray on Grass?

Here are some essential things that lawn care companies use:


One of the primary substances sprayed on grass is fertilizer. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients, such as nitrogen [N], phosphorus [p], and potassium [K], which grass needs to grow thick, green, and healthy. Lawn care companies typically spray a liquid fertilizer during the growing season, ensuring your grass receives all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.


Herbicides are applied to control and eliminate unwanted weeds from your lawn. There are two main types:

  1. Pre-emergent herbicides – These professional lawn care chemicals are preventative treatments that target weed seeds before they germinate and grow. Pre-emergent herbicides are most commonly used in early spring to control weeds like crabgrass, chickweed, and dandelions.
  2. Post-emergent herbicides – These target weeds that have already grown and are visible on your lawn. Lawn care professionals will use selective post-emergent herbicides designed to kill broadleaf weeds without harming the grass.


Pesticides are essential for controlling various pests, like insects, rodents, and other organisms that can damage your grass. Lawn care companies often use a combination of products to address specific pests, including:

  • Insecticides – These target insects, such as grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.
  • Fungicides – Fungicides control and prevent fungal diseases in your grass, such as brown patches and dollar spots.
  • Rodenticides – In some cases, lawn care companies may need to apply rodenticides to control rodents like moles and voles that damage lawns through their underground burrowing.

Soil Amendments

Often, lawn care companies will spray soil amendments on grass to improve soil structure, composition, and drainage. Some common soil amendments include:

  • Lime – It is added to lawns with acidic soil to raise the pH level, promoting healthier grass growth.
  • Gypsum – Gypsum can help loosen compacted clay soil and improve soil structure, which helps with root growth and water infiltration.

Other Sprays

Apart from the substances mentioned above, lawn care companies may also use other treatments to maintain a stunning lawn, such as:

  • Growth regulators – This help control excessive growth in some grass varieties, reducing the need for frequent mowing.
  • De-thatching agents – Applied to break down and remove excessive thatch layers that can suffocate grass roots and encourage pests.
  • Essential Iron supplements: They can help improve the grass’s color and overall health if a lawn has an iron deficiency.

Knowing what substances are typically sprayed on the grass by lawn care companies is essential for understanding the reasons behind various applications and the expected outcomes. This awareness enables you to make informed decisions when selecting and working with lawn care professionals to maintain a beautiful and thriving lawn.

What Weed Killer Do Lawn Care Companies Use? 

Landscapers rely on various weed-killer products to maintain the pristine beauty of gardens, lawns, and landscapes. But, which weed killers are popular among professionals and why? Below, we will discuss some of the top weed killers lawn care companies utilize that effectively combat unwanted plant growth.

Glyphosate-based Herbicides 

Glyphosate is an active ingredient in numerous weed-killer products, including popular brands such as Roundup®. It’s a highly effective, non-selective herbicide that targets many weeds and unwanted plants. Landscapers often use glyphosate-based products for clearing large areas or spot treatment of weed infestations.

COMM | – An Essential Weed Control Solution

COMM | is a robust and reliable weed killer that provides instant, long-lasting results. It is designed for professional application and targets a broad spectrum of common weeds and grasses. Landscapers and gardeners choose COMM | for its effectiveness, versatility, and minimal environmental impact. This makes it an essential tool for maintaining a clean and beautiful landscape.

Pre-emergent Herbicides Based 

Landscapers use pre-emergent herbicides like Prodiamine, Dimension, and Barricade to prevent weeds from germinating and sprouting. These items create a barrier in the soil, stopping weeds before they can grow. Landscapers apply pre-emergent herbicides in early spring, making them an essential component of their weed prevention strategy.

Selective Herbicides 

Selective herbicides target specific kinds of weeds without harming the desirable plants in your landscape. Common particular weed killers include 2,4-D (used for broadleaf weeds), and products containing quinclorac (effective against crabgrass). These herbicides allow landscapers to control and eliminate weeds that might resist other treatments.

Natural and Organic Weed Killers

As sustainable and eco-friendly practices gain popularity, landscapers also use natural and organic weed killers, such as vinegar-based solutions, corn gluten meal, and fatty acids. These products offer a greener alternative to chemical herbicides and still provide effective control over unwanted plant growth in landscapes and gardens.


Now, you know what do lawn care companies use to kill weeds and maintain a beautiful lawn. Professional landscapers rely on pre-emergent herbicides, selective weed killers, natural solutions, and chemical products to control weeds and promote healthy grass growth. With the right tools, you can always count on your lawn care company to keep your landscape pristine.

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