What are TruGreen Competitors and Alternatives?

As a homeowner interested in lawn care services, it’s crucial to consider multiple options to ensure you receive the best service, quality, and price. This report examines the top 4 competitors and TruGreen alternatives, evaluating their pricing, service range, quality, customer service, market share, and overall customer satisfaction. Based on our analysis, we offer recommendations tailored to different customer types and their specific needs.

About TruGreen Lawn Care Service

TruGreen is one of the most considerable lawn care and maintenance companies in the United States, offering a comprehensive range of services. It’s worth noting that TruGreen has garnered over 2.3 million customers nationwide, a remarkable achievement considering the increasing prevalence of high rises and diminishing lawn spaces.

Established in 1973, during the golden age of lawn care, TruGreen had modest beginnings in Troy, MI. Despite having few local customers initially, their determination and perseverance propelled them forward. As their business expanded, so did their commitment to providing exceptional lawn care services. Today, TruGreen holds the top position in the US lawn care industry and maintains a strong presence in Canada.

TruGreen embraces progress and adapts to changing times, evident in its incorporation of cutting-edge technological advancements into its services. Many consider them to possess the country’s most advanced lawn care equipment. For more information about their services, you can visit their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.

However, TruGreen’s commitment to technology is not without careful consideration. They exclusively utilize EPA-registered and government-approved products and equipment for lawn care. Moreover, their team is not comprised of mere employees hired for growth’s sake but instead consists of highly qualified individuals who hold Ph.D. certifications in the field. Their extensive training regime ensures that their expertise in lawn care is comprehensive.

Given TruGreen’s unique blend of talent and technology, it becomes difficult to find a lawn care and maintenance company in the US, or even beyond, rivaling their dedication and teamwork.

Find Services Of TruGreen Near Me

If you’re looking for a TruGreen location near you, there are multiple ways to find one. The most popular option is their online locator tool, which allows you to search for a place in your area using your full address or zip code.

You can also call their customer service number and inquire about the closest store from an operator. Another alternative is to check out their franchise locator page, which lists all the TruGreen stores in your area.

Once you find a store near you, you can sign up for their services directly or browse through their catalog online. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

Finally, TruGreen’s website provides valuable content if you want additional lawn care and maintenance information. From lawn care tips and tricks to seasonal advice and industry-specific news, you can find all the information you need to make informed decisions about your lawn care needs there.

Now that we understand TruGreen’s services let us compare it with its top competitors and alternatives.

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Four Biggest TruGreen Competitors

TruGreen faces stiff competition from other lawn care and maintenance companies. Some of the closest rivals include :

1] Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is TruGreen’s largest competitor, with over 450 franchises spanning 38 states. Launched in the 1960s, Lawn Doctor provides various lawn care services, including weed control, fertilization, power seeding, pH balancing, and core aeration. They have annual fertilization, weed and tick control, and mosquito control plans.

  • Pricing: Comparable to TruGreen, but specific costs vary by location and service.
  • Service Range: Similar to TruGreen, with a focus on local services.
  • Quality: Comparable, with an emphasis on local expertise.
  • Customer Service: Notable 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, offering a full refund or a free re-application.
  • Market Share: Largest lawn care provider in the US with a regional presence.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High overall satisfaction rates backed by a robust guarantee policy.
  • Recommendation: Best for customers seeking a locally-focused company with a strong customer satisfaction guarantee and flexible a la carte choices.

2] Weed Man

Weed Man, founded in the 1970s, is another significant TruGreen competitor, with over 250 franchises across the UK and North America. It offers extensive services that include lawn fertilization, weed control, insect control, core aeration, overseeding, and pH adjustment.

  • Pricing: Generally more affordable than TruGreen.
  • Service Range: Varies by franchised locations.
  • Quality: Comparable, with a solid Better Business Bureau rating (A).
  • Customer Service: Positive reviews focusing on tailored service experience.
  • Market Share: 250 franchises with regional presence in North America and the UK.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High, featuring affordable and flexible a la carte options.
  • Recommendation: Optimal for customers seeking budget-friendly services with premium quality that can be tailored to meet specific lawn care needs.

3] Spring-Green

Spring-Green Lawn Care, founded in 1977, offers a more personalized lawn care experience than larger service providers like TruGreen. Depending on the region, it provides services like weed and disease control, lime treatment, fertilization, lawn seeding, aeration, and mosquito control.

  • Pricing: Similar to TruGreen, with a focus on customized plans.
  • Service Range: Customized plans depending on regional availability.
  • Quality: Comparable, with a focus on personalized service experience.
  • Customer Service: Strong focus on customer service due to being a smaller company.
  • Market Share: Franchise locations in 26 states have a smaller coverage area than TruGreen.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High, with emphasis on personalized services.
  • Recommendation: Best suited for customers seeking highly customized lawn care plans and highly focused customer service.

4] BrightView

Founded in 2014, BrightView is the first and only national provider of commercial landscape services. It offers a range of residential and commercial landscaping solutions, from lawn care to tree maintenance.

  • Pricing: Generally more expensive than TruGreen.
  • Service Range: Extensive, offering various lawn care services, including landscaping design, snow removal, and tree pruning.
  • Quality: High, with a focus on natural and sustainable landscaping solutions.
  • Customer Service: Positive customer reviews across the board and 24/7 customer service.
  • Market Share: National provider of commercial landscape services.
  • Customer Satisfaction: High overall satisfaction ratings for their professional service offerings.
  • Recommendation: Best suited for customers seeking premium national-level services for their landscaping needs.

TruGreen vs. Lawn Doctor: Service Comparison

When it comes to lawn care, homeowners can select from various services TruGreen and Lawn Doctor offers. While these providers offer similar services for maintaining healthy lawns, some critical differences between them can make one or the other a more suitable fit for your needs. Let’s look at the services offered and pricing between TruGreen and Lawn Doctor.

TruGreen Service Offerings

TruGreen offers a comprehensive selection of lawn care programs. These include soil amendment and analysis, tree and shrub care, grub control and prevention, mosquito control defense, perimeter pest control, and an extensive range of á la carte services. They also offer a selection of lawn care plans which range from TruMaintenance for essential lawn maintenance to TruComplete, which adds overseeding and aeration, all the way to TruSignature with top-of-the-line tree and shrub care.

Lawn Doctor Service Offerings

Lawn Doctor provides extensive services from lawn fertilization, seeding, and aeration, to tree and shrub care, mosquito control, and tick control. They also offer a selection of annual programs for fertilization and weed control, cultural mosquito control, natural mosquito control, or tick control.

TruGreen vs. Lawn Doctor: Service Pricing

As far as pricing goes, we found that, on average, TruGreen’s pricing is more competitive than Lawn Doctor’s. 

For a property with a four-bedroom home and a half-acre lawn, the average customer of TruGreen will pay between $690 and $1,700 per year for a plan, with aeration service averaging between $141 and $300 and mosquito service costing between $449 and $532 each year.

For Lawn Doctor, customers will pay between $928 and $2,900 per year for a plan. Aeration services generally cost between $150 to $350, and mosquito control averages between $500 to $725 annually.

Lawn Doctor Vs. TruGreen: Which is Better?

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of various lawn service providers’ programs, pricing, availability, customer service, and reviews, our recommendation for a lawn service company is TruGreen. This provider surpasses others due to its extensive availability, convenient online quote and chat features, user-friendly mobile app, and competitive pricing.

For individuals seeking a more hands-on approach to lawn care, Sunday offers accessible subscriptions. Their plans are well-suited for those who prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, with products conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Each product includes clear instructions for use, and they even offer pet-friendly options for a lawn that accommodates furry companions.

Bonus Tips For Healthy Lawn Care

  • Test the pH levels of your soil at least twice a year to ensure optimal growing conditions.
  • Water your grass deeply and infrequently to promote healthy root growth.
  • Mow your lawn regularly, but not too short, as this can cause stress to the turf.
  • Remove weeds from your yard when necessary, either manually or with herbicides.
  • Aerate your lawn annually to prevent soil compaction and improve air circulation in the roots.
  • Fertilize your lawn at least once a year to promote healthy growth.
  • Apply lime every two to three years to balance the soil’s acidity levels and enhance the turf’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Apply mulch around trees, shrubs, and flower beds to help retain moisture in the soil.
  • Use pest control methods to prevent insect infestations, such as nematodes or ladybugs.
  • Regularly trim and prune trees, shrubs, and bushes to keep them healthy and in line with landscaping guidelines.
  • Finally, practice sustainable lawn care techniques by avoiding excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. This will help you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn without damaging the environment.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your lawn will stay healthy and vibrant for years to come! With the help of one of these service providers, you can keep up with regular maintenance and get any additional support you need for optimal results. Get started on creating the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of today.


TruGreen and Lawn Doctor offer excellent lawn care services with various options to suit all budgets and needs. However, our recommendation for those seeking the most convenience goes to TruGreen due to its competitive pricing and user-friendly features. Sunday is an excellent option for DIYers looking for organic products delivered to their doorstep. Whichever company you decide on, rest assured that you’ll be able to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.

It’s important to remember that all lawns are different and require unique care.

Assess your landscape’s needs to determine the best action for optimal results. With the help of one of these services, you’ll be well on your way to having a lush and vibrant lawn you can be proud of.

We suggest taking advantage of the free consultations offered by many providers, so you can get an in-depth look at what services are available to you. Furthermore, if you’d like more information on maintaining a healthy lawn and caring for other outdoor spaces, check out online resources and tutorials for additional advice. With some help, you can create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. You can also contact us for any help.

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