Common Reasons Electric Lawn Mower That Won’t Start ?

Nothing says frustration like a brand-new electric lawn mower that won’t start. You bought it to make the most of your outdoor space, to spend less time mowing and more time with friends and family – but now what? Before you take it back or give up entirely, know you can fix the problem yourself.

In this blog post, we’ll help you explore twelve possible solutions, so if your electric lawn mower has stopped working, keep reading. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot various issues, from simple repairs like checking the power cord connection to tricks for testing motors and switches.

Common Reason Battery Powered Lawn Mower Won’t Start

Electric start lawnmowers are a convenient and efficient way to maintain your lawn. However, if your electric mower won’t start, identifying and addressing the issue can be frustrating and time-consuming. Here are the top 10 reasons your electric start lawn mower won’t start and how to fix them:

Safety First

Before attempting to fix your electric lawn mower, disconnect the spark plug from the engine and store it in a safe location.

1. Is the Electric Start Push Key Inserted?

  • Solution: Make sure the electric start push key is inserted correctly. Check for any damage or wear to the key and slot, and replace it if necessary.

2. Is the Battery Charged?

  • Solution: Check if the battery is charged and properly connected. If the battery is dead, use the appropriate charger or replace it with a new one.

3. The GFCI May Have Tripped

  • Solution: Locate the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) on your lawn mower’s power cord or outlet and press the “Reset” button to restore power.

4. The Circuit Breaker May Have Tripped

  • Solution: Find your home’s electrical panel and identify the circuit breaker for your outdoor outlet. Reset the tripped breaker by turning it off and then on.

5. The Engine May Be Flooded

  • Solution: If you suspect the engine is flooded, allow your lawn mower to rest for about 15 minutes before attempting to start it again. This will give time for excess fuel to evaporate.

6. Fresh Fuel in the Tank?

  • Solution: Old or contaminated fuel may cause starting problems. Empty the old fuel and replace it with fresh fuel before starting your lawn mower.

7. Is the Blade Control Engaged?

  • Solution: Ensure the blade control is engaged by holding the lever against the handle. The mower may only start if the blade control is engaged correctly.

8. Spark Plug Issues?

  • Solution: Inspect the spark plug for signs of fouling, corrosion, or wear. Remove the spark plug, clean it, and re-install it if necessary. Replace the spark plug if it appears worn or damaged.

9. Is the Carburetor Clean?

  • Solution: A dirty or clogged carburetor can cause starting problems. Clean the carburetor, air filter, and other parts to ensure proper fuel flow and ignition.

10. Safety Switch Malfunction

  • Solution: Check the safety switch in the lawn mower’s seat or handle. If the switch is damaged or malfunctioning correctly, you must replace it.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional if My Electric Mower Still Won’t Start?

If your electric mower still won’t start after you have checked and tried all the troubleshooting tips, it is likely time to call an expert. A professional can help identify and address any underlying issues preventing the mower from starting correctly.

They will also be able to advise on the best course of action based on the make and model of your particular mower. Additionally, they can provide you with new parts if necessary and help you replace them. A professional electric mower repair technician can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run—they know exactly how to get your mower running again quickly and safely.

It is also important to remember that regular maintenance of your electric mower can help prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. A professional technician can advise on maintaining your machine and keeping it running smoothly for years. 

If you need professional assistance, it is best to contact a qualified electric mower repair technician who can handle the job safely and correctly.

For What Types of Components do I Need to Call Professional?

If any of the parts of your lawn mower, such as the motor or starter switch, become damaged, we advise seeking professional help. With the proper knowledge and expertise to remove and install these components, you could protect yourself and damage your mower. If you need help solving the problem, then it’s time to contact your mower manufacturer.

They can suggest the best action, whether bringing it into a local repair shop or shipping it off for further inspection. If you are still under warranty, your repairs may even be covered.

Here is common electric mower manufacturers’ contact information

Mower Manufacturer Repair Facility Locator Customer Help Service
EGO EGO locator 855-346-5656
Greenworks Greenworks locator 888-909-6757
RYOBI RYOBI locator 800-525-2579
STIHL STIHL locator 800-467-8445
Toro Toro locator 888-384-9939
SKIL SKIL locator 877-754-5999

Final Words

A variety of issues can cause electric lawnmowers won’t start problems. But you can often quickly identify and fix the issue with the right tools and information. If these tips don’t help solve your problem, seek professional assistance or consider replacing the lawn mower.

By addressing these common issues and following the provided solutions, your electric start lawnmower will be up and running quickly. Regular maintenance, proper storage, and immediate attention to any issues can help prevent future problems and ensure a well-functioning lawn mower for years.

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