Ego Zero Turn Mower- Review [2024]

Are you someone who loves to give their lawn the perfect manicure? If so, then a zero-turn mower may be right up your alley. The Ego Zero Turn Mower has exploded in popularity within the gardening community and is quickly becoming one of the leading models of its kind on the market.

In this review, we’ll look at what makes it so popular, and its performance capabilities and features that make it stand out. Keep reading to discover why investing in an Ego Zero Turn Mower can help take your lawn care game to a whole new level.

EGO Zero Turn Mower Review | ZT4204L

Consumer Report & Rating

The EGO Zero Turn Mower has received positive reviews from consumers. Its ease of use, powerful engine and drive system, and durability have all been praised. The mower is reliable in tough conditions, and the battery holds up for extended periods with proper care.


  • Performance – 4.3/5
  • Cut Quality – 4.0/5
  • Safety – 4.2/5
  • Design Quality – 4.4/5 
  • Affordability – 3.8/5 
  • Value for Money-4.0/5 

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Technical Specification

  • The revolutionary Peak Power™+ Technology
  • Maximum runtime with up to 6 batteries
  • The equivalent of 22HP engine power
  • Cuts 2 acres on a single charge
  • World’s first platform-compatible rider
  • 5 -11 km/h speed, 13 km/h in travel mode
  • Three driving modes: Control, Standard, Sport
  • 4 independent brushless motors
  • Adjustable seat suspension for extra comfort
  • 107cm cutting deck with zero turn radius
  • 10 position cutting heights (25mm – 100mm)
  • 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge options
  • USB charging port & phone holder
  • 32 LED lights for the front, side and rear
  • IPX4 weather-resistant construction
  • 2 hour charge time, included Z6 1600W charger & 4 x 10.0 Ah ARC Lithium™ batteries
  • It can be safely operated up to 12 degrees incline
  • 15-year tool warranty

The EGO Power Commercial Series is a line of high-quality, reliable tools and machines designed to be used daily in the lawn and landscaping industry. Their equipment stands out because of its powerful brushless motor technology powered by lithium batteries.

If you’re considering purchasing an EGO Zero Turn Mower, you can be assured it’s built to handle the job. Plus, you’ll get top-notch support from EGO with registering your equipment and warranty information, maintenance videos, and customer service assistance should you need help getting the most out of your mower.

Power Beyond Belief™

The EGO ZT4204L is a powerful mower with a brushless motor that provides the same power as 22 horsepower of gas motors. Its namesake, the EGO engine, operates on a combination of technology and Peak Power to utilize up to 6 EGO 56Volt ARC Lithium batteries. It is outfitted with four included batteries; this mower has minimum power capacity to cut up to two acres of land.

Adding two extra batteries for larger areas gives the EGO ZT4204L extended running time and excellent cutting coverage. You can accomplish an extra half an acre to an acre or more quickly. All in all, this one mower brings enough juice for most residential lawns.

Cut Performance 

The mower has a 42″ cutting deck with two blades that operate at different speeds – 2400, 2600, 2800 and 3000 RPMs. A turbo mode allows the RPMs to reach 3200 for a more precise cut. With this wide range of speed, you can adjust your cutting power according to the grass type and lawn thickness.

The 10Ah batteries with the 42-inch model give it a potential capacity of 3360 watt-hours. You can mow up to two acres of land for a single charge. It is also fully expandable, allowing you to add more batteries and mow 3, 4, 5 or as many acres as required– unlike any other battery-powered ZTR in the market.

Height Adjustments

Moving to the driver’s right, you’ll find the manual deck height adjustment bar. It adjusts the 42-inch steel deck between 1-1/2 and 4-1/2 inches with 10 levels. 

Those levels end up being at 1/3-inch increments. It’s odd, but it is a minor deal once you find the height you want to stick with.

It’s a similar story to the 52-inch model. Aside from the width difference, it’s also a fabricated deck instead of stamped one.

Industr’s Fastest Charger

Another great feature of this mower is its unique charger. It has (a 1600W) charger, which completely charges 4 x 10Ah in just 2 hours, 4x quicker than competitors. A 1/4 acre of grass is covered after just 15 minutes of charging. We ran the mower down to 6% battery and found that it takes 1 hour and 53 minutes to get back to 100%.

Its charger is substantial, but keyholes are at the back by which you can hang it on a wall. Plus, You have a generous 15-foot total reach with the cords.

Power of Transmission

The lawnmower’s advanced transmission system allows it to move in any direction and turn on the spot. Its zero-degree turning radius and responsive steering give you greater control when manoeuvring tight spaces around trees, garden beds, or uneven terrain.

It delivers the 22 Horsepower output as petrol models, perfect for tackling tough jobs. We tried out ZT4204L on various surfaces and found its cuts incredibly stable and accurate.

With this power, you can get up to 13 kilometres per hour.

Durability & Build Quality

The EGO Zero Turn Mower is built with the best quality parts and has a five-year mower, charger, and battery warranty. It is designed with a durable powder-coated frame and deck to withstand harsh conditions. The IPX4 weather-resistant build keeps you working in rain, mist or light snow. The flexible nature of the mower means it can be used in any terrain, from flat lands to hillsides.

Comfort & Design

The user’s comfort is at the focal point of the EGO Zero Turn Mower. The seat has added suspension to cushion the bumps, and the controls and seat are adjustable. It also has a high-quality footrest for proper seating and helps with posture. There is even a spot for adding luxuries such as a cup holder or phone hookups to stay connected while mowing.

Eyes Reminder Charge Indicator

During mowing, you can see the charging indicators placed between your feet. It will help you check the charge level without taking your eyes off what’s in front of you. This ecosystem is designed for convenience and helps get more done with less effort.

LCD Display

You can access all the information about your mower in the display panel, like battery level, cutting speed and more. You can also use it to connect with Bluetooth and calibrate for left or right drift.

Deck Wash Connection

The deck wash hose connection on the driver’s left makes it easy to keep your mower clean after a long day. The EGO Zero Turn was designed for minimal maintenance and storage, giving you more time to enjoy life without worrying about your lawn mower.

Drive Control

This mower offers 3 driving modes: Control, Standard, and Sport. The Control mode is best for precise work that requires a slow speed, while the Sport mode gives you the full power of an EGO Zero Turn Mower. The Standard method is perfect for regular lawns with no obstacles, allowing you to mow at an efficient speed with minimal effort.


  • Powerful engine and drive system
  • Durable construction with a 5-year warranty
  • Zero turn radius for better manoeuvrability
  • The fast charger that fully charges in 2 hours
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use


  • The batteries require two hours to reach a full charge
  • Yards larger than three acres can strain the battery life
  • Cutting wet or thick grass can hasten to discharge.

Features to Consider while Buying Ego Zero Turn Mower– [Buying Guide]

Ego Zero Turn Mowers are designed to make mowing your lawn a breeze. However, with so many features and options in the market, it can take time to decide which is right for you. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the key features to consider when buying Ego Zero Turn Mowers:

1. Cutting Width – The cutting width of a zero turn mower is measured in inches and can range from 36 to 72 inches. When selecting the right one for your lawn size, consider the area you need to cover and how quickly you want to finish your job. A wider cutting width will allow you to cover larger areas more quickly.

2. Motor Size – The motor size is determined by the power output, in horsepower (HP), and should be chosen based on the size of your yard. Generally, look for a mower with at least 16 HP for medium-sized yards up to an acre in length; 22 HP or higher engines are best for more significant properties over an acre.

3. Speed – Look for Ego Zero Turn Mowers with variable speed options to adjust the speed to suit your terrain and preferences. Most models have a maximum speed of 6 mph, but some have rates up to 8 mph. This can be handy when quickly mowing larger areas or manoeuvring around tight corners.

4. Cutting Deck – The cutting deck is typically made of steel or aluminium, determining how efficiently your grass is cut and mulched. Steel decks last longer than aluminium, but they also add more weight which may make them difficult to manoeuvre in hilly terrain. Aluminium decks are lighter and easier to use on inclines but require more frequent replacement due to wear and tear.

5. Comfort – Consider the level of comfort a mower offers when purchasing. Look for features such as adjustable seat heights and easy access to the foot deck and controls to customize the ride to fit your needs.

6. Accessories – Many Ego Zero Turn Mowers have various accessories that make mowing more accessible and efficient, such as mulching kits, collection bags, side discharge chutes and electric start options. Some models also have cup holders or built-in audio systems for added convenience while working on the lawn.

Considering all these factors before purchasing, you can find an Ego Zero Turn Mower that meets your needs and fits your budget. With the right mower, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round!


Where are EGO zero-turn mowers made?

Again, EGO is owned by Chevron, which is based in China, but all of the EGO products are designed and engineered in their North American and European headquarters. 

How long does an EGO battery last?

The batteries require two hours to reach a full charge and can run for up to 3.5 hours when fully charged, depending on the terrain and load. Yards larger than three acres can strain the battery life, so cut these areas in sections if possible.

Do I need to buy special oil for EGO zero-turn mowers?

Yes, it would help if you used 10W-30 high-detergent engine oil designed for 4 cycle engines. This oil comes with various viscosities and will help maintain the life and function of your EGO zero turn mower.

What is the warranty on an EGO Zero Turn Mower?

EGO offers a limited 5-year warranty on their batteries and chargers and a 2-year limited warranty on their Ego zero turn mowers. The coverage includes defects in artistry or materials under normal usage but does not cover damage resulting from misuse or abuse. You can find more information about the warranty on their website.

Can EGO batteries be repaired?

Yes, it is free to have EGO batteries repaired if they are within their warranty period. If the battery is out of warranty, you will be responsible for costs associated with repairs or replacements. Contact their customer service department for more information about repair and replacement options.

Do EGO zero-turn mowers need regular maintenance?

Yes, it is essential to regularly check your EGO mower and perform routine maintenance such as changing the oil, checking the blades, sharpening the blades and replacing worn parts. This will help keep your mower in good working condition and ensure it functions appropriately each time you use it.


Thank you for reading! This article has helped guide you in making the best decision when choosing an Ego Zero Turn Mower for your home. With the proper research and preparation, you can find the perfect model that meets your needs and will keep your lawn looking its best year-round. 

Before purchasing, look into all the features, accessories, warranties, and maintenance requirements so you know exactly what you are getting with your new mower. If you have any further questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service department.

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